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Wheel bearings


Wheel bearings hold your wheels on and allow them to spin properly. They are not an automotive component to be taken lightly.Most wheel bearings are sealed at the factory and donít require replacement until, perhaps, 150,000 miles.

However, there are many cars on the road whose wheel bearings do require regular service. Check your owners manual.
Wheel bearing maintenance generally means keeping them lubricated. This service is done by removing the wheel bearing from the wheel hub assembly, greasing it manually or with a device called a wheel bearing packer, and then reinstalling it.

If your vehicle requires periodic wheel bearing maintenance, itís essential you keep to the maintenance schedule. Over time, the grease in your wheel bearings can breakdown and become less effective. Also grease can escape through the bearing until thereís not enough left to lubricate the bearings.

Without proper lubrication, the wheel bearings could overheat. When that happens, your wheels could fall off.
Warning signs include a wobbly wheel or a low growl or hum coming from any of your wheels. In either case, your should bring your car in as soon as possible."Donít Worry Call  Mobile Auto Repair San Diego!






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